Fly Fishing Leaders, Tippets, Loops & Rings

Airflo Polyleaders - Trout

Airflo Polyleaders - TroutThe range of Airflo Polyleaders cover the full spectrum of trout fishing situations—floating to ultra-fast sinking. Smoothly tapered to give easy turn over of dries, nymphs, and streamers, these leaders open up many new techniques not only with a floating line but with sinking lines, as well. Just loop a 2-4’ tippet onto the front loop of the Polyleader, or use a Climax Tippet Ring (Highly recommended! See below) to secure the connection, and get ready to enjoy a better way of doing things. The floating Poly leaders are available in 5’ and 10’ lengths, the 5’ length being most popular for packet-water and general Trout fishing, the 10’ being utilized for those “delicate moments” on still waters where the fishing requires giving the fish a lot less to notice. The sinking Poly leaders are available in 5 and 10’ lengths, and in two densities—fast (3.9 in/sec) & ex. Super fast (6.1 in/sec)—thanks to their Tungsten coatings. Recommended for 5-7 wgt. lines. Maximum tippet: 12lbs.



Airflo Polyleaders - Light Trout

Airflo Polyleaders - Light TroutLight Trout Polyleaders are designed with greater suppleness and shock absorption for use with light lines—2-4wgt—the floating versions ensuring the most delicate of presentations to spooky fish in lakes and spring creeks, while the sinking versions allow nymphs to be fished at depth without adding weight to the fly or to the tippet. As with the Trout Polyleaders (see above), the Light Trout Polyleaders have loops at both ends, and a 2-4’ tippet can be looped onto the front loop of the Polyleader, or a Climax Tippet Ring (See below) can be attached for a secure, trouble-free connection. Available in floating lengths of 5’, and 8’ (very stealthy) , with fast sinking (3.9 in/sec) and ex.super fast sinking (6.1 in/sec) versions available in 5’ lengths. Recommended for 2-4 wgt. lines. Maximum tippet: 8 lbs.



Airflow Tactical Tapered Leaders

Upmqua Nylon Leaders - Trout TaperMade from ultra high quality Japanese co-polymer, these low diameter tapered leaders offer incredible strength, are completely clear for decreased visibility to fish, and are looped at the butt end for extra easy attachment to a fly line loop. With Airflo’s unique taper design, these leaders have plenty of power in the butt section to turnover flies with precision. Sizes: 9’ 3X (8.3 lb), 4X (6.4 lb), 5X (4.8 lb), 6X (3.6)


Airflo Sightfree G5 Tapered Leaders

Upmqua Nylon Leaders - Trout TaperManufactured in Japan using the latest in double resin formula to create a stronger product for a given diameter, G5 is a fifth generation fluorocarbon that offers incredible durability and knot strength, as well as a supple, near invisible connection to the fly being fished. All G5 leaders are perfection-looped at the butt end for extra easy connection. Length: 9’ Sizes: 3X (8.4 lb), 4X (6.9 lb), 5X (4.8 lb), 6X (3.6)


Tippet Material

Airflo Sightfree G5 Fluorocarbon

Airflo Sightfree G-3 Tippet MaterialAirfloMade from 100% 5th. generation fluorocarbon, Sightfree G5 offers incredible break strength for diameter, has low visibility and is less prone to tangle. And, the indicated diameter is precisely what you get—every time. Breaking Strength: 1X=13.1lb., 2X=11.2 lbs., 3X=8.4 lbs., 4X=6.9 lbs., 5X=5.8 lbs., 6X=4.6 lbs. 30 yd. spool: $14.95


Airflo Tactical Tippet Material

Upmqua Power Taper Practice Leader - 7 1/2'The strength of this high-performance copolymer is incredible for its diameter, and its exceptionally consistent knot strength makes it a reliable all-around choice for most fly-fishing techniques. All Airflo tippets come on an interlocking spool system that allows them to clip together and each tippet spool has a color-coded band, printed with diameter and break strength for easy identification on the water. Length: 30 yds. Sizes: 1X (12.8 lb.), 2X (10.41 lb).., 3X (8.3 lb.), 4X (6.4 lb.), 5X (4.8 lb.), 6X (3.6.)


Saltfree Salt Fluorocarbon

Upmqua Big Game Tippet MaterialAirfloDeveloped with one of Japan’s leading fluorocarbon manufactures, Sightfree Salt is100% hard fluorocarbon, nearly invisible to fish, sinks quickly, and is incredibly abrasion resistant when fished over coral reefs, rocks, root wads, etc.—perfect for big, tough fish that live in big, tough places. 30 yd. spools: 10,12,14, 16, 20 lb. breaking strength.  $12.95


Loops & Rings

Cortland Slip-on Leader Loops

Cortland Slip-on Leader LoopsSimply slide your fly-line into the center of the braided loop connector, and secure with a small shrink-tube sleeve—that’s it. Great for connectiing backing and leaders to fly lines. Available in a neutral density for 2-7 weight lines (30 lb. strength), and for 8-12 weight lines (50 lb. strength). Color: clear / yellow sleeve. Packed 4 to a pkg.


Cortland Tippet Rings - 2mm.

Climax Tippet RingsConnecting the tippet and leaders through the ring will allow you to change the tippet as often as you wish without shortening the leader. No longer will you need to replace leaders when switching from large streamers to a # 16 dry-fly, just cut off the 2X, tie on some 5X with an Improved Clinch Knot, attach fly, and go fish. Tippet rings are incredibly strong and very light. When attached to your leader, they’ll float, or they’ll follow the leader down if your’re using a sinking leader or a fluorocarbon tippet. 10 rings per pkg. Size: 2-mm. $7.95.