Fly Fishing Links

Cortland Line Company:
Quality fly lines, fly rods, leaders, backing, and the superlative Diamondback fly rods.

Rajeff Sports:
U.S. home for outstanding fly lines from Airflo, the value-laden fly rods from Echo, and the jewels that are Vossler reels.

Nautilus Fly Reels:
All Nautilus reels are incomparably crafted to live in fresh or saltwater environs, and easily the most functional, best designed, and durable fly reels on the market.

Hexagraph Rod Company:
They look and fish like the best cane fly rods, cost less than a third the price of cane, and don't break-the rods from "The River Runs Through It" film.

San Diego Fly Fishing Guide:
Our new San Diego fly Fisher blog for everything fly fishing, near of far.

San Diego's Ocean:
A good site with very nice interactive tide graphs, and current water temperature, barometric pressure, graphs, and more.

Animated Fishing Knots by Grog:
A really cool and effective way to quickly learn the big three knots of fly fishing-perfection loop, blood knot, improved clinch-and more.

Discover Baja Travel Club:
a terrific source for planing a self transported / guided saltwater fly fishing trip to Mexico's Baja Peninsula for and endless list of exotic species of fish. We know the fishing down there, they have everything else--Maps, Mexican auto insurance, classes in Spanish, etc. Highly recommended.