Saltwater Fly Fishing

Saltwater Fly FishingExceptional saltwater fly fishing is just minutes from where we live in San Diego, and Norpine Flyfisher can make sure that you have the correct equipment, skills, and direction to successfully fish our local on-shore / in shore / off-shore saltwater fly fishing venues. And, if you're headed to anywhere tropical with a fly rod to do battle with anything from Bonefish to Tuna, we can help you make sure that your equipment, and casting skills are up to the task. The Saltwater fly rod, saltwater fly reel, and saltwater fly line / backing system all must be selected, and assembled to function seamlessly in an harsh / corrosive environment that will make short work of inferior saltwater fly fishing equipment, or fly fishing gear designed for freshwater. Our many years of experience leads us to stock only saltwater fly rods, saltwater fly reels, and saltwater fly lines that are more than up to the demands placed upon them by the saltwater fly fishing environment. Nautilus fly reels, Diamondback fly rods, and Cortland / Airflo fly lines are at home in the salt, with performance that exceeds the demands placed upon them.