Freshwater Fly Fishing

Freshwater Fly FishingFreshwater fly Fishing is most commonly associated with Trout, and San Diego fly fishing anglers can pursue their quarry on the local San Diego lakes during the Winter and early Spring months, or make the trip almost anytime to the limitless possibilities of California's Eastern Sierra and beyond. At Norpine Flyfisher, we can assist you with making sure that you have the correct fly fishing equipment and fly casting skills to successfully become a "Brother (or sister) of the Angle," that you will spend more time developing your relationship with the Trout than fiddling with fly fishing tackle and wondering what to do. Along with their fly fishing equipment they purchase, our fly fishing customers receive a rationale for how to approach a stream or lake, select an appropriate fly, locate Trout, and present the offering for the Trout's inspection. Thus, some of the mystery of fly fishing for Trout may be lost, but it's replaced by a level of Piscatorial bliss that's way more satisfying. But, if you'd rather fly fish for some of the local warm water species-Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Carp, bluegill, catfish-we have a program to that, as well.